Nokia has patented what looks like a modular smartwatch

With many of the tech world's heavy hitters already weighing in on what they believe consumers want mounted on their wrists, it was only a matter of time before Finland's mobile giant stepped up with an opinion. With a patent filing published just today, Nokia is showing us where it thinks smartwatches should be headed.

Images from the patent filing depict what appears to be a smartwatch with multiple, removable screens. Photos, time and date, email, and messaging are all shown in their own, linked modules. A wristband provides housing for up to six different modules, which can be swapped around or replaced in any configuration you desire.

The screens are all meant to be touchscreens with sympathetic touch controls. The data from one screen can be expanded to fill multiple screens for improved viewing. The images can also be swapped and reordered by the use of similar swipe controls. Nokia has even gone so far as to create a working prototype of the smartwatch, dubbing it project "Facet." You can see what the prototype looks like in the demonstration video below.

USPTO (PDF), via Engadget and The Verge

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