Rumor: iPad 5 will have iPad mini-like design with Touch ID?

Credit: Martin Hajek

Call it boring, but Apple always nails the industrial design on its first-gen products and then continues to refine, refine, and refine them with better processing power, higher resolution displays and new features with each passing year.

Aside from the leap to Retina display in last year's third-gen iPad (remember, Apple released the iPad 3 and iPad 4 last year) and the switch to the Lightning port on the fourth-gen iPad, the tablet has remained mostly the same, give or take a few under the hood performance boosts.

New Design, Touch ID

This year is expected be different. From what we've gleaned from across the Internet's rumor mills, the fifth-gen iPad, or iPad 5 as it's tentatively called, will finally get that slimmer iPad mini-esque design. We're talking slimmer side bezels and a thinner body, which would make the iPad lighter.

Another new nugget by way of CtechCN and UnboxTherapy (from earlier this month) suggest the iPhone 5s' Touch ID fingerprint sensor will be a key feature to the iPad 5.

And just like the iPhone 5s, the iPad 5 will reportedly come in three colors: Space Grey, silver and gold according to CTechCN.

Retina iPad mini

Meanwhile, Apple is also expected to announce a new iPad mini with Retina display and a marginally thicker design to accommodate the the high-res screen and a bigger battery — a move that we saw happen when the iPad 2 gave way to the iPad 3's Retina display. If leaked shell cases are authentic, then we could be looking at at the same three colors for the iPad mini, too.

Watch Date: October 22

It's a safe bet to hold off buying an iPad (of any size) right now. Apple's just announced it will be holding an event on October 22, which is exactly a week from now. It won't be long before we get the full skinny on all of Apple's new iPads.

In addition to the new iPad news, Apple's expected to announce updated MacBook Pros, OS X Mavericks, Mac Pro availability, new Apple TV set-top box and iWork suites, according to the trustable 9to5Mac. So put that wallet away and hang on tight. New Apple goods are only a week away.

CtechCN, via Pocket-lint

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