New Nike Fuelband SE uses tracking data to make sure you work out

Credit: Nike

Couch potatoes, you've met your match. Nike just unveiled the latest iteration of its popular FuelBand, the Nike+ FuelBand SE that brings improved all-day tracking to your workouts.

Building on the success of the original NikeFuel activity-tracking technology, Nike added "key firmware and hardware" upgrades to its newest model. Using Bluetooth 4.0, the free Nike+ FuelBand SE connects to the Nike+ FuelBand App to record your individual workout sessions, how much movement is accumulated throughout your day, and how far you are from your workout goals. The revamped FuelBand has improved water resistance and a "redesigned circuit board" that powers its bright LED. A single button activates the LED and two taps will automatically display the time.

Other apps like Nike+ Running for iPhone and Nike+ Move App for iPhone 5s offers features like photo-share, Auto-Pause via GPS to detect if you stop running, and movement comparison data.

The wearable device uses a branded measurement unit quite literally named "NikeFuel" via its "Win the Hour" program. For example, going for a run might rack up 3,546 points of NikeFuel, while casually walking around might get you only 124 points. After the hour is over, the goal-oriented program lets you know whether you've "won the hour" or not, a great way to bully you into moving more as the day goes by.

Being more social with your workout results is also possible with the FuelBand SE via its Groups function, which allows you to "join" your friends in a group and share earned achievements as you work towards either your own or a collective group fitness goal. Nike's "Milestones" achievements feature enables unlock-able fitness titles, giving you bragging rights for earning one million NikeFuel points within three days or other inhuman feats.

The release of the FuelBand SE coincides with the announcement for the Nike+ Fuel Lab, designed for "tech companies" that are interested in implementing NikeFuel technology with its existing digital offerings in order to "help millions of people be more active." That's going to be a pretty tall order, considering most of us are currently speeding through Pokémon X &Y on our 2DS's at the moment.

Nike+ FuelBand SE will be released beginning November 6 in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the U.K., with limited pre-orders going on now. It comes in black, Volt, Pink Foil or Total Crimson and will be priced at $149 each.

Via Nike

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