Image of the Day: Jurassic Park begins now

Credit: PNAS/Greenwalt et al.

The entire plot of Jurassic Park was based on the idea that blood from fossilized mosquitoes could be used to resurrect extinct animals. It wasn't realistic for two reasons: one is that DNA doesn't last 65 million years (drat), and the other is that we'd never actually found a fossilized mosquito with a belly full of of blood (double drat). In a paper announced this week at PNAS, paleoetymologists paleoentomologists (pretty sure that's a thing and that I've now spelled it correctly) announced the discovery of the first ever fossilized mosquito with something else's blood inside it, removing one of the obstacles preventing us from orchestrating a real-life Jurassic Park prequel.

This particular fossilized mosquito dates from the Eocene, which is just 45 million years ago, or well after the dinosaurs had packed up and taken space ships to Alpha Centauri. While we may never find out what this mosquito was sucking on right before it got entombed, it could have been any one of these things:

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PNAS, via Western Digs

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