Google X team is already losing sleep over Google Glass 2


In a recent talk given at MIT Mary Lou Jepson, head of Google X, Google's cloistered design lab stated that Google Glass 2 had her and the Google X team sleeping only three hours a night.

That's an interesting tidbit of information to divulge, since as far as we know, Google Glass 2 isn't officially due to be released anytime soon. But according to Jepson, getting the second-generation headset ready is a high priority.

One theory is that all this work is part of an effort to finalize the look of Google Glass 2. Google X has been working with fashion-conscious eyewear retailer Warby Parker of late. The running hypothesis concerning this partnership is that Google Glass 2 will more resemble traditional eyewear or at least feature a design which could be considered chic.

There's also the more tantalizing theory that Google Glass 2 is nearing completion, and that we may see it as early as next year. This is a theory that Jepson actually supported in her talk, lending credence to the idea that Google Glass 2 will actually be the consumer market version of Glass, with the first generation simply functioning as a developer version.

Then again, Jepson also pointed out the importance of varied design when it comes to wearables. Google Glass 2 could simply be an interesting alternative to the original. In the near future, your wearable tech could establish your image just as much as your clothes — and maybe more. Choosing a particular smartwatch or AR headset will not only change your look, but its hardware will also alter the way you function in the world.

MIT, via Into Mobile

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