Rumor: Google Watch could be announced in just a few weeks

Credit: Android Guys

There's a lot of chatter going around, most of it unsubstantiated, that the Google Watch, codenamed "Gem," is nearing its big unveiling. These reports are also hinting at just what sort of tech Goggle will be strapping to your wrist.

An unnamed source has been leaking information that puts  Google Now at the heart of the Goggle Watch. If true, this would make a lot of sense when you think about the function of a watch. Back when phones were stuck to walls and you had to wait for the operator to connect you, checking the time used to be the best metric by which to take stock of your day. Google Now is designed to offer up more relevant moment-to-moment information for the modern user.

With appointment reminders, driving directions, weather reports, and messaging popping up upon your wrist right when you want them, without being asked for, Google's watch could certainly make a big splash in the burgeoning field of wrist-mounted smart tech. There is also talk of Google focusing on extended battery life, a vocal interface, and solid Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for its wearable. If the winds carrying the rumors of an October 31st announcement prove correct, we'll all have a whole lot more to talk about concerning project Gem in the very near future.

Via 9to5Google

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