LG 'G Flex' curved screen smartphone could be Galaxy Round rival

Credit: LG

Curved smartphones are silly, as made clear by the Samsung Galaxy Round last week, but that's not stopping LG from joining the bent club.

Newly leaked images published by Engadget and The Next Web (TNW) have revealed LG's "G Flex" curved smartphone. Assuming the leaked renders are authentic, we could be looking at a smartphone with a display that curves vertically in portrait mode as opposed to horizontally (Galaxy Round). TNW says the G Flex may have a 6-inch display.

Here are few of the leaked press renders:

The rest is still unknown, but the G Flex renders don't show any buttons on its face or sides, which is reminiscent of the recently launched LG G2 smartphone. A third leaked image shows a very slight bulge on the back where the camera module would probably be with enough room for possible rear-placed volume/power buttons à la G2.

Finally, Engadget and TNW's sources claim the G Flex will be available next month.

Recently, LG Chem (a division of LG) announced it was ready to mass produce curved batteries for smartphones and smart glasses (like Google Glass.) The curved batteries would allow LG to squeeze more battery into devices with curved backs, like the G2, without wasting any internal space. Coincidence? We think not.

Since as long as we can remember, we've been fascinated with curved displays, but only because they're perfect for wearable tech — like a smartwatch. For a smartphone, a curved display is kind of ehh. Unless LG can make a real compelling reason to switch to a curved smartphone display, flat IPS displays with ultra wide viewing angles will still have no problems staying relevant.

Until then, we'll just have to wait and see if LG follows in Samsung's footsteps with even sillier gimmicks such as the Galaxy Round's "Roll Effect."

Via Engadget and TNW

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