3D mapping the Matterhorn with a squadron of drones

Credit: SenseFly

The folks over as senseFly have developed a sweet little fixed-wing autonomous mapping drone called the eBee, which can be launched from anywhere by anyone. Generally, you don't have to worry about launching from any particular altitiude, but the intrepid explorers over at Drone Adventures had a different idea. Instead of settling for the mundane, Drone Adventures schlepped an eBee 14,000 feet up to the top of the Matterhorn and chucked it off.

This wasn't just something to do on a whim either. The Drone Adventures team split into two groups before beginning their ascent, each of them taking a few of the eBees in tow to collaboratively cover a much larger region. The eBees themselves are equipped with a bit of intelligent flight mapping tech. It allows their users to simply highlight an area of interest in Google maps and launch the drone, which will then plan its own flight path of the area and shoot either 2D or 3D images of the area.

Basically, the Drone Adventures people hurled a salvo of eBees off of the Matterhorn from different locations and were rewarded with an incredible high resolution, 3D rendering of the entire 28 square kilometer area. To see the entire project as it happened, including the resulting 3D render, check out the video below. The Matterhorn looks absolutely frigid, and the team had to get under way before 5AM to complete their ascent in time for the drone launch. We're glad their results were so good, because now humanity can strike "climb the Matterhorn and throw something off" from our to do list.

SenseFly, via IEEE Spectrum

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