The 15 best DIY cosplays that rocked New York Comic Con 2013

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

Each year, the geeky, nerdy, and die-hard humans of the world converge at a little gathering called New York Comic Con (NYCC). And if it's Comic Con, you know there's going to be cosplay with the good, the bad, the ugly and the best of the best, which is the only thing we focused on this year.

So which cosplayers made the cut? First of all, we only picked ones that were indeed DIY projects, because nobody wants to look at someone who cut up a tee shirt and called it a day. After sifting through the crowds, we bring you the 15 best DIY cosplayers. (It's too easy if you buy it from a costume store; it's like comparing frozen dinner to gourmet cuisine.)

(All photos by Raymond Wong and Terry Chao for DVICE.)

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