WarBot turns coupon-clipping into a video game

Until now, the phrase “discount hunting” has been purely symbolic. Augmented Pixels wasn’t having that, though, so it created WarBot, an app that uses augmented reality to turn shopping into a first-person shooter.

Basically, you take your iPad and point it at the package of a toy you (or your child) has interest in. The iPad recognizes the packaging and triggers a first-person shooter game. Live through the wall of bullets and score a few kills yourself, and you’ll earn yourself a discount on said toy.

The idea, of course, is further customer engagement at the point of sale thus stealing an edge over competition for certain products. At present, we’re not sure what exactly those products are, but Augmented Pixels claims research shows this works.

While pop-up first person shooting games sound fun, I’m just waiting for the response of the anti-video game lobby. Kids playing violent games to score discounts. I’m sure that’ll go over great.

“It’s getting more and more challenging for brands to stand out from the competition to attract and keep customers’ attention and love. Augmented Reality has proved to be one of the most effective ways to engage customers at the point of sale,” said Vitaliy Goncharuk, CEO of Augmented Pixels in a statemnt. “We believe that companies will be amazed with the results Augmented Pixels technology can bring. This is especially a hot topic on the threshold of holiday shopping season.”

Perhaps, but it does mean more time while shopping, especially during said holiday season. Time will tell. Until then, discount hunting will be a much more active pursuit than in the past. You can grab the demo from the app store now.

Check out a video of the Warbot below. 

Via Augmented Pixels

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