Interactive holographic interfaces will soon be everywhere


Imagine a future world where you order your lunch by reaching out and touching a floating image of the food you want. It's a world where your car's dashboard isn't a physical thing any longer, but a series of floating, touch-sensitive meters and data screens. It may sound far-fetched, but this holographically powered future could be closer than you think.

A Japanese company going by the name of Asukanet is developing practical holograms. They've already got working prototypes which display anything from ATM screens to slot machine reels in mid air. This by itself isn't all that amazing, as projector-based holograms have been around for years now. But the holograms at Asukanet aren't just passive images — they're next-gen touchscreens.

By reaching out and touching these floating images, you can actually interact with them. Touching that floating sushi roll adds it to your lunch order, entering your PIN number gives you access to your funds. And you'll never have actually touched anything. Check out the video below to hear Asukanet CEO Yukio Fukuda give you his own take on where he thinks the tech is headed next. Just a warning, though: unless you already have one of Asukanet's screens, the hologram will look pretty darn flat.

Youtube, via Physorg

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