Bill Nye dons his 'Science Guy' coat to chat about Jupiter

Credit: Bill Nye

In his recent, post-PBS years, Bill Nye has had to sate himself with interviews, dancing with the stars, and guest spots on the news. The average mortal might be fine with these kinds of appearances, but for "The Science Guy" it appears they just weren't filling the void left by his one-time educational TV show. Thanks to a little thing called YouTube, Dr. Nye has returned to his signature blue lab coat in the quest to share knowledge.

The new series is called Why With Nye and thus far consists of three videos. The focus of the series is Jupiter and the Juno spacecraft, which has just swung past Earth in a momentum-building maneuver that will see it reach Jupiter in 2016.

Produced in classic Bill Nye style, the videos are full of with silly props and quirky sound effects. For those who miss Nye's show or who just want to see science presented in a fun, playful way, they're not to be missed. We've posted one of the videos below for your enjoyment and we wouldn't blame you at all for sticking around for all three. This is Bill Nye at his sciencey best.

YouTube, via The Verge

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