3D-printed toothbrush promises to clean your teeth in six seconds

Credit: Blizzident

Whoever said brushing your teeth isn't incredibly annoying is either a dentist, your mom, or your baby sister who likes eating toothpaste. But a toothbrush that can brush all your teeth at once, in six seconds? It can't be real, right? Well, that's exactly what the strange-looking Blizzident toothbrush promises.

Blizzident is a 3D-printed toothbrush that conforms to your mouth via a custom tooth mold taken at the dentist. In order to scrub every tooth in one go, this "toothbrush" resembles a mouthguard with bristles sticking out of the top of it, which is where all your teeth go to get clean. The bristles are positioned at a 45 degree angle across your teeth and gum line, along with ones that get in-between teeth for a thorough scrub (though it sounds a bit painful to me).

By simply biting and releasing for 10-15 times, Blizzident promises elimination of all "user errors," "optimum plaque removal" and "optimum protection of gums and tooth surfaces." Plus, only the "to-be-cleaned" places in your mouth will be cleaned, along with your tongue, which should banish bad breath. Also, "it is real fun." Yes, that was an actual bullet point on their webpage.

Every extra four seconds you spend brushing with Blizzident equates to three minutes of traditional brushing by hand and two with an electric toothbrush according to the company. That means 10 seconds of Blizzident brushing equals six minutes of hand brushing. Talk about getting the most out of your time!

This wacky-looking brush will set you back $300 and lasts approximately one year, so you better really hate brushing your teeth to justify a purchase. It is 100% recyclable, so even though it damages your wallet, it won't make a dent on the planet.

Quartz and Reddit, via Blizzident

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Blizzident: 6 seconds toothbrush from Blizzident on Vimeo.