World's first curved OLED TV by Samsung wants to hug your eyeballs

Smartphones, tablets and computers might fill up the bulk of the convention halls at CES 2013, but TVs — gorgeous, slim, jaw-dropping and super expensive TVs — always end up being the showstoppers. Samsung's curved OLED TV — the world's first — is no exception. It's an absolute gorgeous TV that's next to unattainable.

Samsung's curved OLED TV is so new that even Samsung's PR team didn't receive any firm specs on it. We only know that its display measures 55-inches diagonally and it'll be released by the second half of this year.

Forget about 3D or even glasses-free 3D TV being the future of TV. This Curved OLED TV is here to make watching Star Trek or Iron Man as futuristic as what's on the screen.

So clear is Samsung's curved set and so deep are the blacks, I almost thought the moving objects on the screen were popping out in 3D, but the TV wasn't operating in 3D. Samsung's reps say the panel's curve allows for IMAX-like fields of view and it had an effect. Staring directly at the TV from a from a five-foot distance head-on feels like your eyeballs are being sucked right into the screen.

The curve isn't very pronounced, but the TV's also curved stand probably helps sell the illusion that your eyes are being wrapped on their sides with visual bliss.

Beautiful as the curved OLED TV is, Samsung isn't going to start shipping them en masse. They're targeted at the premium market and will be priced accordingly. What? did you expect an OLED TV to be mass produced? That's one beautiful dream.

It's impossible to describe the visual clarity the curvature adds, but it's effective and stunning. And man, I'm tempted to go back and stare at it all day.

Posted on location at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. All photos taken by Raymond Wong for DVICE.

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