Russians build giant iPhone to honor the memory of Steve Jobs

Whether you're an Apple fanboy or a hardcore Android user, most agree that the late Steve Jobs stands as one of the leading U.S. drivers of innovation in the last 20 years. His status was confirmed when international tributes sprouted up just after his death, and now new monument continues that effort.

The interactive monument is actually an enormous replica of an iPhone, and features a working display screen that shows off a slide show detailing some of the highlights of Jobs's life as well as the history of Apple. Housed on the grounds of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, the monument came about as the result of a local competition designed to honor Jobs, as well as promote St. Petersburg as an emerging tech hub.

In addition to the working screen, the monument also features a QR code on its back which, when scanned, directs visitors to a website dedicating to the memory of Jobs. You can see more photos of the Steve Jobs monument here.

RIA Novosti via TNW

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