Instead of hot rocks, this sauna uses infrared technology

While roaming the many halls of Las Vegas, we found ourselves dreaming about relaxing in a sauna. Lo and behold, what did we discover on the show floor? A sauna — not just any old sauna, but one that utilizes technology to heat up the cabin and also help the body cleanse itself of toxins.

Health Mate is a home sauna that heats up using infrared rays instead of the more customary method of water over hot rocks.

Sang Lee, vice president of sales at PLH Products, which manufactures Health Mate, says traditional saunas make you feel warm because the steam sticks to your skin. This might be good for leisure, but to gain health benefits, he recommends an infrared sauna.

After the body absorbs infrared heat for 25 minutes in the cabin, it enters a cooling process. "That's when the detoxification happens," Lee said. It is only within the last 15 minutes of this cool down period that the body actually rids itself of toxins, he added.

Though this feature has arguable health benefits, the infrared sauna also produces some pretty trippy visuals with LEDs that change color. Lee says this helps provide a therapeutic visual setting for sauna goers.

If you're interested in one for your home, expect to shell out $2,500 to $5,000 for a full-sized model. See more of Health Mate's high-tech sauna in our gallery and video below.

Via Health Mate

Posted on location at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. All photos, video taken by Alice Truong for DVICE.

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