Gallery: Lapland's seasonal Icehotel is made of ice and snow

The Icehotel is located in the Lapland region of Finland about 124 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Translation: It gets really cold there in the winter. This corner of the world gets to witness all kinds of incredible natural phenomena like the northern lights and the midnight sun. And now, the small town of Jukkasjärvi has its own claim to fame: A temporary hotel/art exhibit is constructed there each winter out of snow and ice.

It's open for about three months before the ice starts to melt and this year, they asked Dutch artist Wouter Biegelaar to build one of the seasonal rooms. So Biegelaar took blocks of ice and formed them into a single, multipurpose piece of furniture for lounging, sleeping and dining. His goal was to make "an iceberg in a soft environment", which explains the single-sculpted design including a bed, a couch and a dining table with seats for two.

According to Biegelaar:


"It was my first time working with ice and snow. It was a really nice experience. You can work really fast with them. The best feature was that the materials have no grain or direction. Where a chisel would follow the grain in wood, in ice it's a direct result of how much pressure you apply, so it does exactly what you want."


See the gallery of Beigelaar's designs. Guests can rent rooms for overnight stays, but they turn into individual art galleries during the day. Would you want to sleep here?

The Icehotel, via Dezeen

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