WaterBlock coating waterproofs gadgets without any extra bulk

Liquipel's waterproof nano coating technology wowed us at last year's CES, and it didn't take long for HzO to reveal its rival method. HzO ups the ante this time with its WaterBlock coating that protects your gear from more than just water.

HzO's new WaterBlock coating can now shield your gadgets from soda, juice, beer and any electrolyte-filled sports drink that would normally instantly destroy them on contact.

How does WaterBlock work? Without getting too technical, HzO applies WaterBlock waterproofing to electronics with a "chemical vapor deposition process" that basically coats all of the circuitry with a transparent shield of bonded molecules.

HzO reps say WaterBlock is more effective than the hydrophobic coating technologies other companies offer because it's more than just a layer sprayed on the inside and outside of the device. Apparently, a danger with waterproofing coatings is that they can leave microscopic gaps and openings that will wear down much quicker over time.

Representatives from HzO even told us WaterBlock-treated devices won't trigger the moisture detector labels found inside most audio jacks and ports.

Here's a video of WaterBlock in action (the post continues after):

Unlike Liquipel, which is targeting consumers directly, HzO is working with over 500 OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to get its WaterBlock technology into devices during the production process.

From what we saw in a demo of several smartphones, e-readers and tablets coated with WaterBlock and dunked in various liquids including Gatorade and beer, the waterproofing works really well. HzO told us WaterBlock-ed devices can be submerged indefinitely in any liquid.

So, how about it? Are you ready for waterproofed gadgetry?

Via HzO

Posted on location at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. All photos taken by Raymond Wong for DVICE.

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