TV made from 625 remotes requires infrared goggles to watch

Credit: Dazed Digital

Instead of following the pack and cramming more pixels into TV screens, artist Chris Shen decided to go in the opposite direction by recycling hundreds of second-hand TV remotes into an infrared television.

INFRA consists of 625 old remotes wired up with 500 meters of speaker wire to a modified Peggy 2 controller board. It creates an infrared LED matrix that's invisible to the naked eye. To see the light "picture," you need to wear infrared goggles and even then, the resolution is quite low and there's no color. As you can see in the video embedded below, it's not the best viewing experience if you care about what you're watching, but as a tech demo it's super interesting.

If you're thinking to yourself that INFRA is so meta, you're not alone. INFRA is currently broadcasting live TV and is on display at the 18 Hewett Street gallery in London until February 3.

Chris Shen, via BoingBoing and Art Wednesday and Evil Mad Scientist

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