Tesla is cranking out 20,000 cars per year

If you still think that Tesla is just a small time maker of toys for millionaires who want to look green, think again. The California-based maker of pure electric cars anounced that it has met its target of producing 400 Model S sedans per week, which is more than Mercedes-Benz or BMW sells of their flagship S Class and 7 Series cars respectively in the United States.

This stepped-up production isn't going to end up in some parking lot looking for buyers. Tesla says that the company currently has a backlog of over 10,000 orders that it's trying to fill. Those sales numbers are especially impressive when you consider that unlike its German competition, the Tesla is a pure electric car that will leave you stranded if you run those batteries flat. Tesla's fast-growing network of Supercharger charging stations probably does a lot to boost driver confidence that one won't be left by the side of the highway with an $85K piece of sculpture.

So far, all of the Model S sedans produced are Tesla's top 85 kWh version, and all have been for U.S. customers. Later this year Tesla will start overseas deliveries, with production of the lower-cost 60 kWh model expected to start soon.

We've been fans of the Tesla since the early days, but who knew back then just how fast the company was going to grow? Now Tesla is working hard to introduce the four-wheel-drive Model X by mid 2014, with the smaller Blue Star to follow a year or two after that. It all sounds very ambitious, but bear in mind that anyone who dismisses Tesla CEO Elon Musk's predictions tends to end up eating their words.

Automotive News, via Treehugger

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