Take a virtual trip through the Grand Canyon via Google

In 2013 we have the ability to virtually tour the surface of Mars and explore nearly every side street of the world's largest cities, but some of the planet's major wonders still remain a mystery to many of us. Last year, Google embarked upon a project to remove some of that mystery by sending a team of its Street View photographers into the Grand Canyon.

Now, months later, Google has finally taken the wraps off the stunning 360-degree view imagery, allowing anyone to plunge into the depths of the one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World from comfort of their home. Using Trekker devices, Android-operated 40-pound backpacks, the team was able to capture photographic detail previously only available to those with the time and means to visit the Grand Canyon in person. 

The amazing panoramic imagery takes viewers into areas like the South Kaibab Trail, the Bright Angel Trail, the Colorado River, and the nearby Meteor Crater, one of the world's best preserved meteorite impact sites. You can start exploring the Grand Canyon yourself here

Via Google

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