Owl Suit Robot MIDI Drummer is exactly what it sounds like

Sometimes, no matter how outlandish a robotic suit appears, it demands to be acknowledged for its pure awesomeness. Such is the case with the Tim Laursen's Owl Suit Robot Drummer. 

Created for a recent music project, Brooklyn-based designer Laursen was inspired to build the suit as a way to enhance the feeling of music performers as superhuman beings on stage. The Owl Suit also serves as a MIDI-controlled drum machine, allowing the performer wearing it to deliver an incredible visual spectacle while creating music on the fly, as it were.

According to Laursen, the design of the suit was informed by the aesthetics of Native American masks from the Northwest lands, but one look at the suit in action and many will probably be reminded of the tech-powered Nite Owl character from the Watchmen.

You can check out Laursen demonstrating how the Owl Suit works in the video below.  

Via YouTube

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