Handmade R2-D2 heels are definitely the shoes you're looking for

Mikeasaurus on Instructables has something for us ladies that's so completely wonderful, I can hardly contain myself. They're custom-made R2-D2 Mary Jane pumps. Way to combine the sexiness of heels with the geeky cuteness of Artoo, Mikeasaurus. 

Here's how the look was achieved:

The wide heel of these shoes was removed and replaced with a steel bolt to provide strength and support, but at a fraction of the size. An R2D2 toy covers the heel bolt, and the toes have been decorated with lenses, blue accents, and a blinking red LED to let everyone know just how this droid rolls.

You can find all of the steps Mike followed to perfect his Artoo footwear here, and it looks easy enough that you should have a pair perfected in plenty of time to completely ignore Episode VII.

Bonnie Burton, via io9

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