Gallery: Light-centric art installation dazzles in London

An art exhibit called "Light Show" opened at London's Haywood Gallery. The collection of work will be on display through April 28th, showcasing some of the best examples of "light art" in the world. The exhibit focuses on 25 separate works of art that date from the 1960s through present day. 

As a result, no two styles are the same and the show has already garnered some critical acclaim. According to The Guardian, "Light Show" is a "dazzling, frazzling light show [that] takes visitors to the moon," and the London Evening Standard called it "the first of this year’s must-see shows." The Londonist describes it as:

[...] a mesmeric and brilliantly entertaining exhibition. Cynics might see this as a show full of clever gimmicks but we challenge anyone to visit and not be overawed by the powerful works on display. 2013 has only just begun but this exhibition has thrown down the gauntlet. It will take something very special to top it.

One of the 22 artists, Leo  Villareal, is showcasing Cylinder II at Haywood Gallery. It's a tower with 19,600 programmable, white LEDs. Villareal likens the installation to "meteor showers, falling snow, clouds of fireflies and other natural phenomena." See this awesomness in person if you're in London. Otherwise, click through the gallery for a sample of the artwork on display. 

Via My Modern Met 

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