Crafty photographer builds instant camera using popsicle sticks

Credit: Maxim Grew

There's nothing more satisfying than building a working gadget from scrap materials. Photographer and product designer Maxim Grew decided to hack together his very own instant film camera using nothing more than popsicle sticks, card stock, duct tape and some hot glue. Needless to say, his camera is making us pine for the good ol' Polaroid film days.

The entire construction process doesn't look too difficult to replicate. First, Grew glued popsicle sticks to a Polaroid Type 100 film holder and around an old camera lens to form a base and sliding mechanism for adjusting focal length. Next, he made the accordion bellow by folding card stock together. Finally, he used duct tape to secure the bellow between the film holder and the camera lens.

It's no Polaroid SX-70, but Grew's camera still oozes plenty of crude DIY charm. And although focusing the camera is said to be a little tough, photos taken with it still have that slightly-out-of-focus feel that give Polaroids that distinct look. There's a reason why instant photos are so mysterious, and that's because you never really know how they'll turn out.

To see how Grew built the camera, check out his time-lapse video below.

Maxim Grew, via PetaPixel

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