British roboticists create a one-million-dollar bionic man

A team of roboticists has teamed up with a British television station to create a six-foot-tall humanoid robotic construct called Rex (named for being a robot exoskeleton) as way to illustrate exactly how far we've come in the way of prosthetics and artificial organs.

Rex will make its official debut on a documentary titled "How to Build a Bionic Man," during which its creators will show off how they used $1 million worth of parts to construct a humanoid assemblage of artificial limbs, eyes, ears and even human internals like the heart, pancreas, kidney, spleen, trachea and artificial blood. Built in conjunction with Richard Walker and Matthew Godden from Shadow Robot, Rex will be presented by Dr. Bertolt Meyer, who himself uses one of the world's most advanced prosthetic hands from Touch Bionics.

The show will debut on Britain's Channel 4 on February 7, after which Rex will go on display at the London’s Science Museum as an exhibit titled "How much of you can be rebuilt?"

Via Telegraph and DailyMail

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