Transparent grand piano makes your music crystal clear

If you really want to see what you've been missing in your music making, this acrylic grand piano from the Crystal Music Company could be just what you're looking for. It uses a traditional action and cast iron frame, but instead of wood, the case is made from transparent acrylic. I always thought the wood case of a piano was an essential element in determining its sound, but apparently acrylic works too.

Crystal Music Company can customise your transparent piano with different colors for the painted frame, and it suggests having one made to match the color scheme of your yacht or mansion. I guess that gives us a tip about who they think their customers are. Check out the gallery below to see some of the options.

If it were my money, I think I would probably get something that's a bit more stylized, rather than a traditional shape made in an unusual material. There's no information about what the pianos do actually cost, but if you sail up to their place in your yacht, I'm sure they'll fill you in.

Crystal Music Company, via Born Rich

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