GoPro drone lets you mount an aerial assault like a real spy

The era of affordable personal drones you can use for shooting high-quality video has arrived. Lehmann Aviation has launched a fully autonomous drone that is designed to carry your GoPro camera into the skies and safely return it with stunning footage.

Designed to look very much like a miniature stealth bomber, Lehmann's LA100 is essentially a flying platform for your GoPro camera. Made of foam and carbon fiber, the set-up allows you to mount your GoPro on the top or bottom of the drone, depending on the kind of video you're looking to capture. The LA100 can reach altitudes of about 300 feet, and travels on its own pre-programmed flight path, no piloting necessary. After about five minutes, it returns to its home base and makes an autonomous (and hopefully safe) landing.

The LA100 can be yours for about $1,340 (GoPro not included), and you can see it in action in the video below. 

Via HighSnobiety

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