Gallery: Concept for gorgeous new car expo center in China

Design firm Marques & Jordy won a contest to design a bunch of car showrooms around China. The first exhibition center takes its style cues from sports cars with red, ribbon-like flourishes. It's going up in the Longquan district of Chengdu, China, and will have roughly 200,000-square-feet of expo space. The building will have three different parallel sections that Marques & Jordy liken to the "curvy and sexy lines of cars and movement."

Architect Yu Jordy Fu explains the design concept further:

With the Oasis Expo Centres, we are transforming the love for sports cars into sensational architecture. It's commonly believed that China has no creativity and all buildings look the same, as copies of each other. This couldn't be further from the truth. China's cities are an inspirational burst of creativity and engineering.

Construction on the project is slated to begin this September. See the gallery for a sneak peek of this unique red building.  

Via Dezeen 

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