Custom electronic wedding invitations might be geekiest ever

Credit: Bill Porter

When you're a pair of geeks who are about to get married and the theme of your wedding is "Circuits and Swirls," a regular paper invitation isn't going to do. Being the DIYers they are, Bill Porter and his fiancee Mara decided to build their own custom wedding invitations embedded with circuit boards that light up when opened.

In his detailed blog post, Bill says each electronic wedding invitation was made using microcontroller-powered blinking LEDs, a small battery and light sensor. All in all, he was able to print out 50 flexible PCBs using an old Xerox Phaser laser printer he bought on eBay and copper-clad kapton tape.

The invites, as you can see for yourself in the video below, are perfect for a geeky wedding. The lights stay in sleep-mode until the card is opened up and there are even envelopes with circuit patterns printed inside to match the them. And as if a wedding invite that blinked wasn't already over the top, each card also flashes a secret Morse code message when the light sensor falls below a certain threshold. How's that for an Easter egg?

Bill Porter, via Hack A Day

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