Chinese businessman sells canned air to smog-choked citizens

Recently, we told you about the horrendous air pollution problems in Beijing that have forced the Chinese government to advise citizens to stay indoors and has residents wearing facemasks in an attempt to protect their lungs from the smog. In the true spirit of Chinese entrepreneurialism, a Chinese businessman has decided to cash in on the "airpocalypse" by selling his own brand of canned air.

Chen Guangbiao, a local entrepreneur known for his publicity stunts, claims he's selling the cans of air in part as a way to bring attention to the country's poor air quality. The cans of air are sold in several varieties, including post-industrial Taiwan, revolutionary Yan'an, and pristine Tibet. Guangbiao also claims that each can is equipped with a chip that detects when negative oxygen ions reach a certain concentration point, after which the can's lid is automatically closed.

You might think that 80 cents a can for something most of the world gets for free is steep, but several reports claim that the cans are selling out. Perhaps, much like bottled water, spending money on canned air is only a silly idea until you start paying attention to the quality of what's available for no charge.

Via BrisbaneTimes and GlobalTimes

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