Video of the Day: New YouTube science series will tickle your brain

Joe Hanson knows a lot about a lot of things, and he's partnering with PBS to bring us a new science video every other week. At the very least, his inspired series helps remind us that being inquisitive is a very good thing.

Here's Hanson on his new show:

Check out the first episode of my new YouTube science series from PBS Digital Studios! I’m practically co-workers with Big Bird now!

This episode is all about the scale of life on Earth. So there’s now over seven billion people on Earth, but does that make us a successful species by numbers alone? And while humans may be getting heavier every day, how does our weight stack up to the rest of biology?

We’ll learn about “biomass” while we take a trip through some forests, a spoonful of soil and deep into the oceans to find out just how much stuff there is out there. 

His first video is called "Life by the Numbers." Check it out below. 

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YouTube, via It's Okay To Be Smart

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