Turn your iPhone into a tank with these custom charging docks

The iPhone's success has been a big boon for weird iPhone cases and bizarre docks. From tech designer PHU comes these cute hand-crafted custom tank charger docks.

We're not going to lie, these things are not cheap at $395 each. At that price, you would expect them to light up, make sounds, or even move, right? Sorry to disappoint you, but each baby tank dock comes with a pair of treads, which disappointingly don't move, and a built-in charging cable. That's all you get. They're sold exclusively at Four Corner Store and can be built to order with a 30-pin connector (iPhone 4/4S) or a Lightning connector (iPhone 5). If you want a special tank for your iPad mini or iPad to sit on, you can custom order one with larger dimensions.

Most of the finishes are sold-out, but it looks like the "Noir Matte Black" for iPhone 5 and "DATA Yellow/Black" for iPhone 4/4S are still available. Just remember, you could probably buy the next iPhone with the money you don't spend on these docks.

Via Four Corner Store

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