There's now an app to help you pick the right condom

They say that it not how big it is but what you do with it that counts, but when it comes to condoms, having the proper fit is important. This app ends all arguments about how big it really is, by providing an objective way to see how you really measure up. I always thought that condoms came only in regular and those extra-large magnum sizes, but Condom Size includes a database of popular condoms with actual real-world measurements. Then there's always a place like this this where they have a whole slew of sizes to choose between.

The instructions tell you to hold your stuff up next to the measurement bar on the screen, which in other words means you should never ever buy a used iPhone with this app loaded on it. The app store page says that you need to be at least 17 to buy it, but let's face it, teenage boys would probably be the number one users of an app like this.

In addition to the measuring tool, Condom Size provides a host of tips and fun facts about condoms, and lets you see how your stuff compares with other Condom Size users in the world size rankings. I'm not sure if I would take those rankings too seriously, as this is one area that seems prone to extreme exaggeration.

Condom Size is available now in the Apple iTunes App Store for 99 cents.

Condom Size (iTunes App Store), via Pocket Lint

Ruler image credit: Willierossen/Shutterstock

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