Hollywood lobbies FAA to allow use of drones to shoot movies

Hollywood blockbusters have benefited from the rise of high-end digital cameras and improvements in CGI effects technology, reducing costs while delivering scenes that have never before been possible. A new initiative reportedly being spearheaded by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) hopes to give filmmakers yet another tech tool: aerial drones.

The MPAA has been lobbying the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to allow filmmakers to use aerial drones for film productions. Of course, some companies have already begun to use various types of drones to shoot some scenes on independent productions and to scout locations, but the new permissions would allow filmmakers to use drones without the threat of possibly violating local laws. At present, the FAA is planning to offer drone licenses to the public beginning in 2015.

While drone-equipped filmmaking definitely sounds exciting in terms of getting to see new kinds of movie scenes, once drones filter into widespread public use, some fear the technology will be abused by overzealous paparazzi, private investigators, and plain old stalkers.

If you've never watched a scene shot with a drone before, you can check out an example of exactly what it's capable of in the video below.

Via TheHill

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