Crafty QR code mosaics captivate Brazilian tourists

QR Codes

On buildings, coins and even clothes, QR codes have invaded just about every possible space — sometimes with questionable utility. New QR codes popping up in Brazil might actually be useful while blending in with their surroundings. Black and white stone mosaics installed in key locations also function as the codes, giving out tourist information and directions about what's nearby.

One famous location is Arpoador — a boulder at the world renown Ipanema beach. After installation, tourists simply needed to download the app and snap a picture of the code to receive maps and information on their phones. In Portugese, Spanish or English you can learn about the surf history of the area and more.

It's not a new idea to use QR codes to give tourists information, but Brazil has managed to make them fit in with the mosaic aesthetic that already existed. And with some two million tourists flooding the city each year, the codes could really provide a useful function in orienting and informing visitors and their ubiquitous smartphones. The plan is to install 30 more of the mosaics in various locations around the city to enhance the visitor experience, although asking a local is still an option. Remember, just because mobile technology exists doesn't mean you always need to use it. Look up from your phones now and then: it's beautiful Rio!

Via: The Telegraph

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