Video: Homemade chainsaw slingshot works like a bazooka

Here at DVICE, we 've covered a bunch of German slingshot-maker Joerg Sprave's demented weaponry, but his latest creation has combined the destructive power of two of his prior weapons for double the fun.

For the chainsaw slingshot he has taken one of his chainsaw javelins, but instead of simply throwing it, he has found a way to fit it into the biggest and scariest looking slingshot you've ever seen for even more firepower. This thing looks like it could do some serious damage, both to the target and the shooter. I particularly like the way that he describes the cheek rest as being there so that it won't "rip your ear off."

Check out Sprave's evil laugh at one minute and 57 seconds into the video. Seriously, the guy must be related to Dr. Evil or something.

The Slingshot Channel, via Inquisitr

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