Ultrasonic buoy uses your smartphone to catch fish

The calming art of fishing may be one of the most old school ways to commune with nature, but that doesn't mean that we can't use technology to make even that simple hobby even more efficient. Reelsonar is a system that combines a specially equipped buoy with an application that lets you use your smartphone or tablet to know when there are fish nearby.

We spoke with the inventor, Alex Lebedev, who told us that the device contains an ultrasound transducer to analyze the underwater area, delivering ultrasonic resolution of the area at a rate of about four frames per second. The ReelSonar Smart Bobber, which has a battery that lasts about eight hours, then sends that information back in real-time to the ReelSonar app on your mobile device via Bluetooth.

Currently, the Reelsonar system is up for funding on IndieGogo, and Lebedev plans to have the product ready for the public this summer, just in time for presentation at the annual ICAST fishing trade show. 

You can check out an illustration of how the system is designed to work in the video below. 

Via Indiegogo

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