Japan to broadcast 2014 FIFA World Cup in 4K resolution

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

There's no way to adequately describe how amazing 4K TVs look. Ultra High Definition is the rightful evolution of TV, not 3D. There's just one little problem that will make 4K TVs a tough sell: the lack of 4K content.

All the gorgeous 4K TVs in the world won't matter (at any price) if there's nothing to watch. Similar to how there is little high-quality 3D content, there's going to be an even emptier library of 4K content to start.

While most TV content is still broadcast at the lower 720p resolution instead of "full 1080p HD," things will reportedly change by as early as 2014. That is, if you live in Japan and have a 4K TV by then.

The Asahi Shimbun says the Japanese Internal Affairs and Communications department will broadcast the 2014 FIFA World Cup in 4K resolution using communication satellites instead of standard broadcast satellites. The newspaper reports the 4K broadcast will arrive two years earlier than originally planned in order to boost sales of 4K TVs.

Broadcasting in 4K resolution is great news, but we wonder how many people will actually have a 4K TV by 2014. How many people will have $25,000 to buy an 84-inch 4K TV? We doubt there will be many. Until prices drop dramatically, 4K TVs will be continue to be a high-ticket item reserved for early adopters. If history is any indication, it could be another decade before 4K TV becomes mainstream.

Asahi Shimbun, via TechCrunch

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