Gallery: Seeing space stations in billboard towers

Credit: Branislav Kropilak

Sometimes all it takes to give an object new life is a fresh perspective. Through photography, Slovakian-based artist Branislav Kropilak gives dull and mundane objects science fiction-like qualities. Kropilak's photos explore billboard towers, not as spaces for companies to splash their goods or services on, but as geometric structures that remind us of some old space station concepts.

As The Coolist says, there's something very alien about these symmetrical billboard towers glowing in the night.

Inspired by industrial design, architecture and urbanism, Kropilak says the main ethos to his work involves "investigating the intimate relationship between humans and technology" using "geometry and perspective."

When you're done looking at Kropilak's pretty billboard tower photos, go and see his photos of old cranes and factories. From the lighting to the backdrops, everything comes together well to create the illusion of a space colony on another planet.

Via Kropilak

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