AR glasses let you control virtual objects with your fingertips

While most of us are waiting around for Google Glass to hit the commercial market, there are scores of independent groups working on their own wearable, augmented reality computing solutions. One of those groups recently took the wraps off its concept video designed to illustrate how their device will work, and, if the finished product works as promised, it could be a ground-breaking development.

The product is called, fittingly, Meta, and was recently demoed at a meeting of augmented reality enthusiasts in New York City. The system combines a pair of Epson Moverio personal display glasses along with a finger-tracking camera that allows the wearer to directly interact with virtual objects presented through the glasses. Noah Zerkin, the guy who caught Sergey Brin on the subway last week wearing his Google Glasses, tested out the Meta and seemed to think that it had some promise.

According to the inventors, Meta is a "two part wearable computer [that] allows users to play with virtual objects in 3D space using nature's perfect controllers — their hands." The concept video shows off some interesting uses like surfing the Web on your window and playing with data chunks in mid-air, but in terms of practical, real-world applications, the video doesn't really illustrate why this might be something most people would run out and buy today. 

Based on Zerkin's report, the version of the device shown off at the meeting last week is an early beta, but you can see how the creators of the system envision the device working in the future in the video below. 

Via Noah Zerkin

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