XKCD comic inspires an entire password generator

Credit: Image via Gizmodo

Passwords are something of a hot topic around here at DVICE, and password generators are nothing new. Though, most times they give us nothing more than more of the gibberish we already choose for our passwords. Web comic xkcd pointed this out in this pretty popular strip.

Joel Walters was among those who saw the comic. But while most folks saw it, chuckled and moved on, Walters decided to go ahead and create a password generator that uses the logic expressed therein.

For anyone who didn’t read said comic, it basically points out that we often make difficult passwords by doing things like interchanging a zero and the letter “o” or coming up with words we can’t even spell, which is hard to remember but really just as easy for a computer to crack as any other word of the same length. It is, in fact, better to have a long password of random words.

To quote the Walters’ website, “Contrasting a seven letter password to a seven word password, a seven word password has 2 quadrillion times more complexity, or combinations. Exploit your brain's ability to memorize sequences of words with ease, and you will be rewarded with a more memorable-secure password.” Its dictionary has 4,000 commonly used English words, and it’ll stick ‘em together randomly for all your passwords needs.

Here’s a link. Go nuts.

Joel’s Password Generator, Via Reddit

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