Today's anti-news: Nobody builds an iPhone case with a cup holder

Credit: Image via HiConsumption

We live in a fairly iPhone-centric world these days. A world in which every little development concerning the little machine can make national headlines. In fact, this happens even when the news happens to be a smidge exaggerated. And by that, I mean completely and utterly untrue.

Remember, just because you can see something doesn’t mean it’s there. There is no spoon and all that. Another thing that doesn’t exist is UpperCup, a combination iPhone case and cup holder.

Now, I wouldn’t normally be out here telling you what doesn’t exist. The list, after all, is fairly extensive. But some folks think this does exist complements of a few respected press outlets, such as the Los Angeles Times and some less-respected but highly read press outlets such as Buzzfeed. The holder was pitched by Dutch marketing firm Natwerk. Given that this is a marketing company, the jig should have probably been up then. But it wasn’t, and the Internet being the Internet, the story was passed around.

The best part of the whole thing is the company didn’t expect anyone to believe them in the first place. Said spokeswoman Kristian van Kuijk, “the fact that we've made the whole thing about 3 times as thick as necessary we hoped would give away we weren't all that serious. Nevertheless, we really think it is a cool device and we would really want to have it produced so we can walk around and be cool with it attached to our iPhones.”

So, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, the ultimate buzzkill. But you still have to hold your coffee as you fiddle on Twitter.

Via Network World