How hollow water droplets could change your shower forever


We are all familiar with water conservation measures. There are motion activated sinks, low water toilets, and low flow shower heads. While we've acclimated to most of these features as a necessary part of our lives, there are some of us who stare in the face of our low flow shower head and secretly wish for just a little more juice. A new aerated shower head is poised to do just that — deliver the feel of a full pressure shower and still use just half the water.

The secret to the Oxijet Nozzle is that it pulls air into the water stream creating hollow water droplets that feel like they pack that extra punch. Unlike low pressure, low flow shower heads, the nozzle uses its own flow energy to draw the air into the system. It increases the volume of the water droplet making you "feel" like you are getting more water even though you are actually saving it.

That could be perfect for those who love the long, luxurious, idea or song filled showers and perhaps linger a bit too long.

The Oxijet is a project between New Zealand company Felton and CSIRO, Australia's national science agency. With Australia undergoing a serious drought and water rationing a part of life, the feeling of having a good shower with existing shower heads has long been a dream and the search for inexpensive solutions to save water is a priority.

With the Oxijet project, not only does the aeration save water, but the design of the nozzle was created specifically to integrate into existing showers. With seamless installation into any shower it makes for a very cost effective solution. It saves water and money.

Does it really do the job? Ask the visitors to the Novotel Northbeach hotel. Located in a water restricted region of Australia, conservation is mandatory. The hotel, which could easily use over 2 million gallons of water a year, choose to install the Oxijet in over 200 rooms.

Reported in Gizmag, the switch has been a success:

"We've found our customers prefer Oxijet over other 'low flow' shower heads, because it gives the illusion of full water pressure,' Mr Walter Immoos, General Manager of Novotel Northbeach."

If the Oxijet can stand up to sandy vacationers no doubt it can take on showers in other needy cities. While the nozzle is only for sale in Australia, with a simple design one thinks they must see the opportunity to expand.

In the meantime, they've given us a video to show how it all works.


Via Treehugger and Gizmag