India unveils plans to make a watch that saves lives

Credit: Image via Bocane


Many solutions have been proffered to help stop violence against women. Few seem like as much of a non- sequitur as India’s. It’s a watch.

Unveiled by information technology minister Kapil Sibal, the watch is already being worked on by the Centre for Development of advance Computing. It’ll be primarily to reduce crimes against women, but it should prove helpful to anyone.

So how does a watch help keep people safe? Good question.

The watch will have a button that, when pressed, will send a text message to the nearest police station as well as any chosen family members. Included in the text will be location information that the watch’s built-in GPS system always be gathering. 

It’ll also have a built-in video camera that will activate when the button is pressed. That camera will shoot for 30 minutes after being pressed.

The watch will come in two versions: a $20 one and a $50 one.

Though opponents of the watch claim it’ll be ineffective, both for the amount of time it would take for responders to reach the scene and the likelihood of those texts being ignored, it’s certainly an interesting idea and can’t hurt the situation. For the low prices that are being tossed around, why not?


Via Wall Street Journal



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