Video: Hypnotic music video created using data from MRI machine

Like all forms creativity, music videos can be profound forms of expression. Director and editor Adam Powell takes the concept of thinking outside the box to new levels by using MRI data and scans to create Sivu's "Better Man Than He" music video.

"Better Man Than He" uses data collected from MRI scans and is "inspired by research into improving the management of children born with cleft lip and palate." Powell's obsession with capturing images with unconventional cameras and lenses also played a factor in the music video's epic undertaking.

As stated on the YouTube video's description:

"This seemed like a perfect opportunity to capture something somewhat unique and take a glimpse into an amazing and fascinating world."

Kudos to Powell and Sivu for their creative music video, seeing as how everyone knows how difficult it is to stay still in an MRI machine. Whether there's heavy post editing and compositing or not, the music video still manages to impress. Take a look at it for yourself below.

YouTube, via Gizmodo

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