DNA gun tags criminals with UV light-detectable evidence

Over the years, new non-lethal law enforcement tools have employed science and technology in various forms, from immobilizing foam to debilitating sound waves, to slow down the bad guys. Now a new system called SelectaDNA harnesses advances in DNA analysis to offer a new way to track down criminals.

The product is a combination of a simple paintball-style gun or rifle and a clip of 14 non-lethal pellets that contain a chemical mixture of unique DNA coupled with an ultraviolet (UV) light brightener. Those pellets look like this:

According to the company, the goal of the device is to tag rioters or escaping criminals with the pellets from a safe distance, allowing police to later identify the suspect by inspecting them with a UV light. The company also offers a DNA spray that can be applied to household items, giving the owner a unique identifier in case the stolen goods are recovered.

You can check out a Spanish-language simulation of the system at work in the video below. 

Via DailyMail

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