Digital window turns every car into a BMW i3 or i8

BMW is turning every car on the road into a BMW. Well, not literally, but this is pretty cool nonetheless. We know that BMWs all-electric i3 will be available in late 2013 and its plug-in hybrid i8 is coming some time in 2014. So, in anticipation of these futuristic concepts-turned-production models, BMW has put together a clever little trick.

A virtual window was constructed in Manhattan at 42nd Street and 6th Avenue that reflects your car back as one of the BMWi hybrid models. In other words, as you drive by, cameras and motion-detection technology will sense your car and "turn" it into a BMWi. Sadly, it's only an illusion to show us how the world would look if we all drove BMWs - tough to resist that, though.

The 'BMWi window' works in real time and provides data on carbon dioxide reductions. It also calculates how much money all of us would save if we drove electric cars. (BMWi's, specifically.) If you aren't in NYC to view the campaign in person, check out the video below. This is probably the only way that BMWs will ever outnumber cabs in New York City, and it's a beautiful, beautiful dream.

YouTube, via Motorque

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