Custom 3D-printed pez dispensers of your own face

Sure, we've all seen the classic pez dispensers of Tweety Bird and other animated characters, but that's rather limiting, don't you think? Hot Pop Factory apparently does. And with all due respect to Mickey Mouse and the Disney Princesses, the company has devised an excellent "pez hack" that uses your face rather than the old stand-bys. 

Hot Pop Factory co-founders and designers Matt Compeau and Bi-Ying Miao rely on an Xbox Kinect motion-sensor to scan a person's head and then use a 3D printer to make the plastic pez replicas. A client specifically asked for a custom holiday gift idea for their 32 employees and one-of-a-kind pez dispensers were the obvious choice.

The finished product is what you'll see in the gallery. The designers simply removed the regular, cartoon pez tops and replaced them with the personalized heads. 

Hot Pop Factory, via Dezeen

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