Artist's installations make you feel caught in a spider web

Credit: sunhi mang  vg bild-kunst

The creative, awesomely disturbed mind behind these hauntingly tangled images is that of Chiharu Shiota. She's exhibiting her new show Synchronizing Threads and Rhizome right now in Barcelona, Spain.

Shiota has been creating installation pieces like this for a number of years now, each time altering the exhibits without straying from her core materials: everyday objects and tons (and tons) of black yarn.

Looking at the newest additions, I can't help but feel like Frodo when he steps into Shelob's lair. The hanging dress that is part of the work "state of being" looks as if it were caught by some predatory thing long ago. Maybe its my geek showing, but there are hints of Harry Potter in these works, too. "Reflection of the past" looks and feels a lot like the Veil through which Sirius Black fell in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Whether these similarities are intended or not, the art of Chiharu Shiota is powerful, evocative and not to be missed if you can help it.

Check the gallery for a selection of her current and past works.

Casa Asia via designboom

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